Stain Removal

Stain removal is a tricky business. Use the wrong product and permanent damage will occur. If you’ve spilled something its safest to use warm water and a white cloth but whatever you do, don’t try the cleaning products under your sink or expensive consequences are likely!

There are many different types of stains and they all affect the different types of carpet fibres differently. For instance, the product that cleans blood out of synthetic fibres such as nylon, polypropylene or acrylic will permanently damage a natural fibre such as wool. If you are going to hire a carpet cleaner make sure they know their stuff or you’ll find yourself with a bigger expense than what you started with.

Our operators are highly experienced and have obtained internationally recognized qualifications. We stock every type of stain removal product and have the most advanced machinery on the market so you can relax in the knowledge that we will get you the best possible result.

We carry products to treat stains such as – blood, urine, vomit, paint, oil & grease, food & beverage stains, red wine, food colours, coffee, felt pens & other inks

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